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Towards Employee Delight


The welfare of Our employees is the key theme in our organization. The benefits we offer them are on par with the best available.

Salary Grades:

During the training period, trainees are entitled to a consolidated stipend of Rs 50,000/- per month.

Various Salary levels in Management cadre are:

Click here for the Salary levels in Management cadre.

VDA (Variable Dearness Allowance), HRA (House Rent Allowance) etc. and other perquisites as applicable to particular grade are also provided.


We have a comprehensive medical insurance program that covers the whole array of medical expenses for yourself, spouse and dependent children only, as per the applicable policy from time to time. Your growth in the company will be complemented by your own self-development. Our educational refund plan offers you the support in pursuing the course of your interest. Our study leave policy also includes a time-off to pursue higher studies related to your profession. Our responsibility towards employees doesn’t stop at compensation alone. Corporation also provides housing and vehicle loans at prescribed interest rate that will help in securing your family’s future.

Our other benefits include furniture and computer advance, home lease facility, accommodation at a very minimal charge depending upon availability and a host of allowances and insurance schemes to make your stay in our company comfortable. All these in addition to a host of deferred benefits like provident fund, gratuity and retiral benefits.

Detailed break up of CTC at entry level i.e. 10A is given below. The industrial DA is revised every quarter which results in revision in CTC on quarterly basis.

Cost to Company - Salary Grade 'A'
Description Basis Gr 'A'
Basic Minimum of each grade 2,98,800.00
D.A.(July-Sept. 2013) (Subject to change every quarter) 78.9% of basic 2,35,753.00
Basic + DA - 5,34,553.00
HRA* (Depends on class of city) - 89,640.00
Perquisites (Allowance & Benefits including Medical benefits) 50% of Basic 1,49,400.00
Contribution towards retiral benefit (includes PF, Gratuity and deffered superannuation benefits) 30% of Basic+DA 1,60,366.00
Post Retiral Medical Benefits (PRMB) and SBFS – DCS (Defined Contributory Scheme) will be applicable to employees who render minimum 15 years of service in continuity in HPCL. In case of candidates joining from any other PSUs, the PRMB, SBFS-DCS contribution from January, 2007 is required to be remitted to HPCL for considering the past service for determining 15 years of continuity - -
Total 9,33,960.00

* 30% for X class Cities, 20% for Y class Cities & 10% for Z class Cities.
Performance Related Pay (PRP) is also payable. It depends on HPCL's PBT and other performance parameters.

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