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Co-Branded Lubes


HPCL has always been in the forefront developing and marketing of technologically advanced lubricants as per the market trends.

HP Bajaj Genuine Oils:Amoung them was the development of India's first two wheeler engine oil with the drain period of 10000 KM in close association with Bajaj Auto Ltd., the second largest two wheeler manufacturers in the country. The co-branded oil is named as 'HP Bajaj DTS-i 10000' and conform to international specifications of API SL and JASO MA2.

Two variants of HP Bajaj DTS-i 10000 are as follows:

HP Bajaj DTS-i 1000 '20W40' - Recommended for vehical models Discover DTSi, Platina 125 DTSi, Platina 100 CC and XCD 135 DTSi  HP Bajaj DTS-i 1000 '20W50' - Recommended for avenger 200 DTSi, Pulsar 220/180/150 DTSi, Discoer 135 DTSi and Kristal DTSi

These co-branded oils have an extended engine oil drain period of 10,000 KM, which in turn increases one's savings on time and money.