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Without refining, the rich resources of crude petroleum of nature would remain latent. Value-added products from crude petroleum like petrol, diesel, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha and many more products would not be available for growth and development of a nation.

HPCL refineries upgrade the crude petroleum into many value-added products and over 300 grades of lubricants, specialties and greases. The Lubricating Oils Refinery set up at Mumbai is largest lube refinery in India. It produces superior quality lube base oils.

The offsite product handling facilities of refineries at Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam has been automated. Projects have been implemented and facilities upgraded to produce green fuels. The refineries have been benchmarked by an international agency for various performance parameters.

Numerous awards have been bestowed on both the refineries in recognition of the efforts in the field of energy conservation, environment and safety.

This section showcases about our Refineries: Its History, Performance and New Projects