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HP Retail Business unit of HPCL is engaged in making available automotive fuels/ lubricants and other value added services for the automobile / private transport sector across the country, through a dedicated network of Retail Outlets, commonly known as Petrol Pumps. The Retail unit is so named, as it involves dispensing fuels of relatively smaller volumes to the vehicle fuel tank.

The main products delivered include Diesel, Petrol, Turbojet, Power, AutoLPG, CNG and lubricants required for various vehicles, which are supplied at the Petrol pumps. In addition, Products for cashless transactions, like Co-branded cards, Fleet cards and other loyality cards have been developed for the convenience of customers. The Retail Business unit is also responsible for the supply of subsidised Kerosene under the Public Distribution System (PDS) to the nominated wholesalers appointed by the State Governments, basis the allocation plan provided by the respective State Governments..

At our Petrol Pumps, we believe in Maintenance. Maintenance, not only of the vehicle, but of a steady relationship with our consumer. And to do so, providing even better and efficient services. We take care of not only your fuelling needs, but complete vehicle care. We stock related products like tyres, batteries and accessories, so you don't have to go shop-hopping. All our other value-added services ensure that your vehicle is well looked after.

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