Right To Information Act


Right to Information Act 2005 - A Brief

Information Manual The dictum “Knowledge is Power” is truly applicable to the modern world and information is the most important means to acquire knowledge.

The information in the possession of the Public Authorities, by itself does not give any added value to the public. This information belongs to the public and held for the benefit of the public. UN General Assembly realized this and has resolved that the Freedom of information is a fundamental human right and touchstone for all freedoms to which the UN is consecrated. The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative propounds that the right to information underpins all other human rights.

In this direction, The Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI) English(390 KB)PDF File Opens in a new window  / Hindi(868 KB)PDF File Opens in a new window (came into effect from 12th October 2005), empowers the people of India with free flow of information from the Government.

How to apply for seeking information from HPCL

Submit RTI Application Online (Govt of India website) External Website that opens in a new window

HPCL accepts application from citizens in plain paper. The applications should contain:

  • The name of the applicant
  • The address for correspondence
  • Details of the information sought by the applicant
  • Currently HPCL does not have any provision to receive or respond to RTI applications by e-mail.
  • RTI Fees in favour of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited payable through Demand Draft/Banker’s Pay Order (drawn on any Scheduled Bank) at the town or city where the application is lodged. Valid Indian Postal Order (IPO) in favour of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, payable at MUMBAI only are also accepted.

HPCL has a widespread network of operating locations and offices where the application seeking information can be tendered in person or mailed to. The details of the locations can be accessed through the RTI information manual.

Applicants are requested to thoroughly check the Corporation’s guidelines provided in the Information Manual since any non compliance can lead to the rejection of the application.

The basic fee to be forwarded with the application is Rs.10 (Rupees TEN).

HPCL accepts CASH towards basic RTI Fees of INR TEN, only when currency is deposited in person at the following offices of HPCL and cash receipt obtained. Copy of such cash receipt can be enclosed with the RTI Application and forwarded to HPCL. HPCL locations where CASH is accepted towards basic RTI fees are (1) HPCL-Petroleum House and (2) HPCL-Hindustan Bhavan. View address here.

Basic fee is payable by way of DEMAND DRAFT / BANKER PAY ORDER (drawn on any scheduled Bank) in favour of HPCL and payable at the location where the RTI application is submitted. In case basic fee payable by Indian Postal Order, the same shall be made in favour of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and payable at MUMBAI only. Variations in this shall lead to rejection of the application for want of proper RTI basic fee. Citizens are also requested to peruse the CIC Decision in the case of Mr. Lalit Kishore Dagar (32 KB)PDF File Opens in a new window in this regard.

Court fee stamps, Treasury Payments, Bond Papers, Payments at Post offices, Cash (by post), payment through eIPOs etc. are NOT ACCEPTABLE towards RTI fees. DD / Banker Pay Order drawn on Cooperative Banks are also NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Please note that additional cost payable on account of document copies / document inspection, if any, shall be advised by the CPIO to the information seeker, on need basis. Any additional cost, when payable, shall be made only through DEMAND DRAFT / BANKER's PAY ORDER (drawn on any nationalised / scheduled Bank) in favour of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited and at the town / city / location as advised by the CPIO.

In line with the tenets of the RTI Act 2005, citizens who are Below Poverty Line (BPL) need not pay the prescribed fees. It is essential that BPL Citizens enclose a proof of them belonging to the BPL category.


  1. HPCL accepts Appeals by the following modes:
    1. By Post. Appeals against the RTI applications sent in Physical form (hard copies) shall be sent by Post to the Appellate Authority specified in the RTI Response provided by the CPIO.
    2. By Online mode through the RTI online portal of www.rtionline.gov.in : All appeals regarding the RTI requests lodged on the RTIonline portal will be accepted through the RTI online portal only.
    3. Appeals received by emails will not be entertained.
  2. Appeals will be acceptable in English or Hindi Languages only. Appeals in any other language are required to be accompanied by its translation in either English or Hindi Language.

Appellants are requested to be guided by the details in the following links:https://cic.gov.in/faq

HPCL has prepared its Information Manual as per requirements of Section 4 of the RTI Act 2005.

List of CPIOs and Appellate Authorities.

HPCL values your suggestion for the development of the Information Manual. You can submit your suggestion at suranjanpal(at)hpcl[dot]in.

Nodal Officer as per requirements of DOPT circular No.1/32/2007-IR dated 14th Nov 2007 for RTI Queries and First appeals is General Manager - RTI & Public Grievances. He can be contacted at HPCL, Petroleum House, 17 Jamshedji Tata Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020. Telephone 022 22040512