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LPG, as a fuel for all Industrial and Commercial requirements is categorized as Non-Domestic LPG. HP GAS has been a pioneer in the oil industry in Non-Domestic LPG sales and with its "Ji-Haan" motto, serves lacs of Industrial and Commercial establishments across the country. HP GAS has a high calorific value, it is clean and green and can be used in a variety of applications in various Industrial and Commercial establishments like Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, Caterings, Ceramics, Roto-moulding, Boilers, Metallurgical units, Iron & Steel industries, Textiles, Tea, Coffee, Automotive sector, Agriculture sector, Construction, Poultry, Food Processing, Aerosol manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Industry, Glass manufacturing, Gold making, Powder coating, Paint drying, Aluminum melting, etc.

Innovation and Customer service has always been at the top of agenda at HPCL, which reflect in new age offerings given below.

HPCL has the expertise to provide end to end solutions to the customers desiring to convert to LPG as a fuel.


HPCL markets Non- Domestic LPG in the following categories:

  1. Non-Domestic Packed cylinders: HP GAS markets Non-domestic LPG in packed cylinders in the following capacities: HPGAS Non Domestic Cylinders - 19 KgHPGAS Non Domestic Cylinders - 5 Kg

    1. 5 Kg
    2. 19 Kg
    3. 35 Kg
    4. 47.5 Kg
    5. 425 Kg
  2. Non-domestic Bulk LPG: HPCL supplies LPG in bulk quantities for industrial / commercial use through 6 MT, 12 MT & 18 MT trucks from its loading bases spread across the country and also supplies the product on door delivery basis(on delivered as well as delivery assistance ). HP GAS is the market leader in this segment.

  3. Non-domestic Bulk Propane: HPCL supplies Propane to Industrial customers with specialized fuel requirements through 10 MT & 16 MT tank trucks generally from its loading bases across the country. Due to its lower boiling point and higher vapour pressure with respect to LPG, Propane evaporates easily in colder conditions and its high purity gives rise to higher system efficiency.

  4. HPGAS Non Domestic Cylinders - Razor

    HP GAS RAZOR: Traditionally, Dissolved Acetylene (DA) is used for metal cutting. HPCL markets LPG in cylinders, dosed with a special additive under the brand name HP GAS RAZOR, which can replace DA and give better results. The additive fortified LPG has far superior qualities like high flame temperature of 30000C, faster pre-heating, faster piercing rates, faster cutting travel speeds, faster heat transfer along with reduction in slag formation. HP Gas RAZOR is about 30% cheaper than DA and it is much safer than DA due to its narrower flammability limit as compared to DA and negligible risk of back-fire in the torch.

  5. HPGAS Non Domestic Cylinders - Powerlift

    HP GAS POWERLIFT: HPCL markets LPG in cylinders under the brand name HP GAS POWERLIFT for exclusive usage in the forklifts. The forklifts used in the industries and bottling plants have horizontal mounting of cylinders and the required LPG offtake rate is high. Therefore, entire LPG cannot be evacuated from the conventional VOT cylinders resulting in high residue. HPCL has recently come out with uniquely designed HP GAS POWERLIFT cylinders, which can overcome the issues listed above and provide seamless and safe supply of LPG to the forklift engines. HP GAS Powerlift operated forklifts use clean fuel, increase engine life and may be used both indoors and outdoors (unlike Diesel operated ones), work well on uneven surfaces and inclines and refueling is fast (unlike electrically operated forklifts).

  6. HP GAS SUMO: HPCL markets LPG in 425 KG cylinders under the brand name HP GAS SUMO. These cylinders are exclusively designed for commercial and Industrial customers having higher energy requirement but with limited storage areas. These 990 litre water capacity cylinders with Bullfinch combination valves with both liquid and vapour withdrawal ports so that residue in cylinders may be avoided. The HP GAS SUMO installations made as per IS:6044, Part-1 are simpler, safer and require least space as compared to other cylinder installations of same capacity. HPCL can assist in design, erection and commissioning of HP GAS SUMO installations and if desired undertake the job on turn-key basis.

  7. HP GAS APPU: HPCL markets LPG in 5 Kg cylinders under the Free Trade LPG (FTL) Scheme thru our LPG distributors and select HPCL retail outlets under the brand name HP GAS APPU. The scheme includes sale of the equipment (Regulator and Cylinder) along with LPG at the prevailing Non- domestic fuel price. At the time of subsequent refill, only the cost of the fuel will be payable. No proof of address (POA) is required to purchase these cylinders. These cylinders may be purchased from either the distributors of HPCL or their various Points of Sale like retail outlets, grocery shops, etc. For details of point of sale of 5 Kg FTL cylinders, kindly click the link POS(points of sale)Opens in a new window

Sale of non-domestic HP GAS cylinders

HPCL markets Non-domestic LPG thru its various loading bases, bottling plants, LPG distributors and also thru exclusive Non-domestic LPG distributors established at various strategic locations across India.

HP GAS for Fuel conversions and HP GAS as Service Providers

At HP GAS, we provide end-to-end solutions to meet all your energy needs beginning from planning and designing of storage units at your premises to installation, commissioning and operation of the same, including fuel logistics. HPCL also provides customized solutions that are suitable and economical to your business needs. HPCL carries out fuel conversions of various Industries and commercial installations from other fuels (Furnace Oil, Diesel, wood, husk, electricity, coal, kerosene etc.) to the cleaner and greener LPG fuel for meeting the energy requirements of its esteemed consumers. HPGAS strives to make significant contribution to conserve energy and protect environment.

The contact details of our exclusive Non-domestic LPG managers are available at the link given below:
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