Quality & Infrastructure


High tech infrastructure and stringent quality control

Hindustan Petroleum, the second largest integrated Oil Company of india has 40 well spread out LPG Bottling Plants, 2 LPG Import facilities and two tap off points on Jamnagar Loni LPG Pipeline of GAIL, and 2 tap off point on Visakh secunderabad pipeline of GAIL, in the country with latest state of art technology. High tech Infrastructure with on line automatic quality control equipment ensures total quality checks of Cylinders at Bottling Plant. These equipments are upgraded from time to time.

High tech infrastructure and stringent quality control

HPCL have 20 electrical Carousel of automatic type which fills cylinder automatically basis tare weight of cylinder encoded on line. Filling of Cylinders and checks of quality filled in cylinders are interlocked in the system for automatic operation. Machines installed are with proven performance record in the industry and it ensures total quality checks of filled cylinders

Advantages of Automatic Carousel

  • High Filling accuacy.
  • Single line conveyor operations.
  • Quality checks independent of human

Electroni Quality Assuance Facilities

On line quality checks are of Automatic one and works in it's own basis set program and euipment are very sensitive. Equipment detects non premissible cylinders and put the same in the correction loop automatically and ensures total quality of marketable cylinders.


  • Fully Automatic operations.
  • Segregation of non conforming cylinders are automatic.
  • Checks leakage with accuracy of 0.5 gm/hr leakage

State of the art Import facilities ensuring quality product

HPCL have LPG Storage Facility of 65000 Tons of LPG at LPG Bottling Plants and Import Terminals. Storage facilities are of three types.

  • Above ground Bullets of capacity 50 MT to 150 MT each.
  • Spheres of capacity 600 MT to 1400 MT each.
  • Mounded Storage of capacity 200 MT to 1000 MT each.

Storage facilities have been constructed with applicable safety distance from other facilities and conforming with safety and statutory norms. Storage facilities are provided with in built fail safe technology to prevent over filling and over pressure.Automatic fire fighting systems have been provided for storage facilities to protect these facilities from any eventuality of fire.

Modern Storage facilities with built in safety features

HPCL have two nos. largest Import facilities in the Country . One at Mangalore with capacity of 1.0 MMTPA and other is at visakh with capacity of 0.6 MMTPA. These facilities are used to receive imported LPG as well as coastal input.The product id used to cater to the requirements of southern part of india and part of eastern india.

Import facilities are provided with modern state of art technology and fail safe mechanism is in built in the system.

Both the import facilities are located in prominent place as regards to LPG market and can handle large quantity of LPG at a time.