Project Akshay


Shri S Roy Choudhury, C&MD addressing participants of Project Akshay Project ‘Akshay’ is leadership development programme, where multiple methodologies like executive coaching, 360 Degree Feedback based on Emotional and Social Competency Inventory, Classroom sessions by experts, experiential learning through mentoring opportunities and group projects etc. are entwined together and deployed in well designed, co-ordinated and aligned manner.

During the year 2011, 21 senior executives of HPCL undertook Project Akshay. This programme has regular feedback loops, defined milestones and measurement mechanisms to gauge the progress towards the required leadership competencies.

The selected participants are divided in groups of 3 each and provided with specific business projects. This provides the participants:

  • With a simulation on working with peers towards a common objective and consciously examine their own interactions with peers
  • To explore for themself their reactions to different situations as they present themselves
  • To observe how their behaviors impact others and
  • To identify their own strengths and areas for development

Further, each of the participants was assigned with mentees, who, in groups undertook different projects under their mentorship. This provided a real life simulation to the participants to enhance their leadership skills in guiding and inspiring their team towards achieving determined outcomes.

During the year 2012, Project Akshay aims to build leadership competencies among 27 senior executives by way of various self-development tools, business projects and through mentorship of 108 mentees.

Logo of Project Akshay

Logo of Project Akshay

  • The word ‘Akshay’ which means eternal, immortal and indestructible depicts that this process creates a leadership pipeline that is eternal
  • The Stars depict the organizational vision, mission and strategy
  • The human figures depict the process of leaders creating leaders
  • The red branches on either sides depict the branching out of leadership competencies at individual levels and also across levels through the process of mentoring
  • Overall, the logo conveys an academic symbolism representing the process of learning based on scientifically validated processes