Child Care & Education


Children with Special Needs - ADAPT

  • Name of the Project: ADAPT
  • Implementing Partner: ADAPT, Mumbai
  • Locations: Mumbai
  • Synergy with GOI/MDG Initiatives: Achieve Universal Primary Education / Right to Education for Children
  • Cause: Inclusive education, therapeutic needs and vocational training for children with special needs

Children with Special NeedsChildren with Special Needs

Disability is probably one of the least understood and accepted conditions in the society which believes that everything not normal is abnormal. Guiding ourselves to see the ability beyond the disability and to ensure equal opportunities and dignity to Persons with Disability unfortunately requires effort, awareness and mobilization, which are beyond addressing just their medical needs. It is in the spirit of this endeavor that HPCL, through this program, supported the Inclusive Education, therapeutic needs and vocational training such children.

Rescue of Children in distress - CHILDLINE

  • Name of the Project: Childline
  • Implementing Partner: Childline India Foundation
  • Locations: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata
  • Synergy with GOI/MDG Initiatives: Achieve Universal Primary Education / Right to Education for Children
  • Cause: Rescue Children in distress thru Happy Wheels -1098.Childline 1098 - the very popular helpline number for children which has become synonymous with the rescue of children in distress in India.

By supporting rescue vans in three major metropolitan cities in the country – Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, HPCL has been able to enhance and ensure the impact of the project in rescuing groups of children in risk situations like trafficking, child labour, dangerous circumstances, etc.

Computer Awareness Programs - Unnati

  • Name of the Project: Unnati
  • Implementing Partner: NIIT
  • Locations: 23 Schools across India - Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Dharbhanga, Patna, Rajanandgaon, Karnal, Hissar, Jammu, Bari Brahmana – 2 Schools, Hazaribagh, Bhind, Chindwara, Bharampur, Ambala, Jalandhar, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Dholpur, Chandauli, Agra, Vikasnagar, Medinipur
  • Synergy with GOI/MDG Initiatives: Achieve Universal Primary Education / Right to Education for Children
  • Cause: Computer Education to School Children from rural /semi urban areas

In today’s scenario where e-literacy has become as important as literacy itself, HPCL has partnered with specialized agencies to provide computer awareness and basic education to first generation computer learners of Class VI to Class IX in semi-urban and rural areas. Beyond just providing classroom-teaching, the sustainability of the project is also ensured by following the “Training the Trainer” Model wherein the school teachers are also trained. Further, computers each are also installed at each of these schools where training is imparted, so as to ensure continued practice for the students. This program has widened the horizons of education as well as future employability for these underprivileged children.

Girl Child - Nanhi Kali

  • Name of the Project: Nanhi Kali
  • Implementing Partner: KCMET
  • Locations: Gavanpada, Mehbubnagar, Visakhapatnam, Kanker, Ratlam, Sheopur, Udaipur
  • Synergy with GOI/MDG Initiatives: Achieve Universal Primary Education / Right to Education for Children
  • Cause: Academic and Material support to girls studying in Govt. schools located in backward and tribal areas

Encouraging girl child education and building gender equality among communities is one of the challenges of our society. Our intervention to this growing issue includes providing material support to first generation girl child learners from communities which are educationally and economically backward. The major component of the project is to provide academic and social support to girl child to continue education and to meet challenges of modern era educational setup. Through this planned intervention HPCL has been able to reduce the dropouts of girls, prevent child marriages and promote higher education for girls.

Midday Meals Scheme (Akshayapatra)

  • Name of the Project: Akshayapatra
  • Implementing Partner: Akshaypatra Foundation
  • Locations: 20 Schools in Guwahati,3 Schools in Visakhapatnam
  • Synergy with GOI/MDG Initiatives: Government’s Midday Meal Program / Reduce Child Mortality
  • Cause: Midday meals for school children studying in backward and tribal areas

Hunger and Malnutrition has been considered as one of the prime factors hampering the education process in India. Hunger and malnutrition is hardly a positive environment for learning. It is the realization of this fact that has prompted the roll out of the Mid-Day Meal Program. HPCL CSR is bridging the gap by providing hygienic and nutritious food to students from rural areas of Visakhapatnam and Guwahati through specialized agencies. This program has addressed a vital requirement of young children from rural areas belonging to economically marginalized sections. The intervention through this program has resulted in higher enrollments and negligible drop-outs from schools. This has also elevated quality of education by bringing smiles to little faces and contributed to overall results of such schools.