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HPCL offers unique and exciting opportunities to have a fulfilling career for people interested in finance and allied fields. Our finance professionals get to work in diverse profiles, areas and geographies. Immense flexibility and exposure is provided to ensure that our employees are always challenged, always learning and always recognized.

Corporate Accounts

Our Corporate Accounts professionals work on preparing financial statements, conducting audit and assurance checks and preparing various compliance reports including the Annual report.


An employee working in the department of pricing works on decision making related to pricing of petroleum and related products as well as pricing of free trade products in the portfolio of HPCL. This holds a special significance since the pricing of such products is of national importance.


If the organization is the body and money is the blood, then treasury is the heart of the body, and working here, our employees get an opportunity to contribute towards cash flow management, arrangement of short term and long-term funds, managing the foreign exchange as well as the Insurance and Banking area under HPCL.


Our auditors ensure compliance with established internal control procedures by examining records, reports, operating practices, and documentation. Not only are they responsible to complete audit work papers by documenting audit tests and findings but they also appraise the adequacy of internal control systems by completing audit questionnaires.

Risk Management

Great emphasis is given to Enterprise Risk management as well as Oil Price Risk management by this team. By identifying key control deficiencies and assessing its magnitude of impact, they evaluate how the risk management program is progressing.

Budget & MIS

Employees working in the Budget and MIS profile are responsible for Investor relationship management as well as creating the MIS reports and presentations to the board. It also includes revenue budgeting, working on Margin Validation and maintaining the database which keeps track of the business metrics.


Our Tax department handles both Direct and Indirect Taxation and engages Officers in Tax planning, monitoring compliance to various State and Central Tax laws as well as litigation management where need be.

Embedded Commercial Functions

With each Strategic Business Units that we have like Refineries, LPG, Retail etc. our Finance Officers get embedded and involved in various roles right from decision making committee member, tax planning, pricing, Project management, working capital monitoring, general accounting including profitability statements.