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Human Resources


The Human Resources team enable people performance for us. They are dedicated to helping our employees realize their full potential. Employees are the most valuable workforce and the HR team assists in creating a culture that attract, retains, develops and inspires best talent.

Capability Building

This team endeavors to create value to the business by enhancing competencies and building capabilities of employees and to enable performance through a committed and competent talent and leadership pipeline. The department focuses on holistic capability building which meets business imperatives along with employee aspirations for current as well as future requirements. Capability Building Department strives to deliver enriching and engaging learning experiences leveraging scientific learning methodologies, experienced subject matter experts as well as latest technology. The learning programs are offered in various modes which include instructor led or experiential classroom programs, virtual/ augmented reality/ gamification/ simulations, mobile/ video based/ game based learning, MOOCs/ Blended/ Flipped learning programs, academic and research databases like EBSCO and also through Online Learning Management System. Further, Capability Building team collaborates with various premier institutions and other Centers of Excellence Institutions for providing world class learning opportunities to employees.

Compensation & Benefits

Our organization provides competitive compensation with a bouquet of benefits. This is made possible by the compensation and benefits department of our organization. They manage the employee’s payroll ensuring timely and accurate payment. Compensation & benefit programs such as investments, insurances, leaves, superannuation benefits, employee assistance, wellness programs and so on are effectively handled by them.

Employee Relations

Industrial Relations Department is responsible for establishing Systems/Policy & Procedures related to Employees/Workmen throughout the Organization. Department works closely with Trade Unions/Associations (Partners in Progress) and facilitate smooth operations in Refineries/Marketing Locations. Apart from ensuring legal compliances, Officers of Department also play pivotal role in ensuring that disputes are resolved at early stage.

HR Business Partners

HRBP is a representative of the HR function to dedicated internal stakeholders like Refineries, Zones and other Business Units. They lead all HR process for the internal stakeholders. They proactively steer change management projects, identify problem areas, consult with line management, resolve employee grievances, provide HR policy guidance and engage employees. Not only do they manage the non-executive recruitment but also look at contract labour engagement, statutory compliances, employee engagement and learnings.


This team is responsible for the support and maintenance of our HR systems. They are charged with processing employee data, generating HR-related reports, managing system upgrades, and maintaining data integrity.

Performance Management

As an organization, we lay large amount of emphasis on managing the performance of our people and placing the right person for the right job. Our PMS Team ensures setting up of goals in line with the balance score card methodology. Ensuring that goals and targets are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner is the responsibility of this department. The employees are also given a chance to put stretched targets to display their ability to go out of way and deliver extraordinary. Every year the employees who have been shown consistent performance are promoted and given higher responsibility based on their target record/potential. Officers are also given extraordinary to multiple roles with a view to enhance their historical as well as potential of the individual.

Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition team are lawful abiders of the constitutional principles of Right to Equality and presidential directives concerning social justice. Our recruiters actively attract, source, screen, interview and hire qualified and diverse candidates for open positions. This team continuously succeeds in hiring employees from different strata with different abilities after thorough evaluation and assessment, thereby effectively meeting the manpower needs of the business.