Oil Price Risk Management


HPCL manages it’s exposure to Oil price risk by entering into derivatives transactions in the OTC markets. Derivative positions are being taken in the OTC market on Dubai, Brent crude and Singapore products (Gas Oil, Kerosene, Fuel Oil and Naphtha).

Derivative deals are concluded through a tendering process, involving only the registered counter parties. HPCL follows an internally approved methodology for registration of counter parties. Once registered, HPCL prefers to enter into ISDA agreements before initiating trade.

For details contact

DGM, Finance - Integrated Margin Management

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
Petroleum House – 5th Floor,
17, Jamshedji Tata Road,
Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020.
e-mail: corphqo [at] hpcl(dot)in

The mere submission of an application does not guarantee registration. HPCL reserves the right to reject an application without assigning any reasons thereof. The decision of HPCL shall be final and binding upon the parties with regard to registration.