Press Release


State-of-the-art Operator Training Simulator Center for HPCL’s Visakh Refinery

Mumbai August 2018

Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is a facility which provides hands-on experience to the DCS (board/panel) operator of a process unit in a refinery without actually physically working there. It is similar to flight simulator used for training pilots.

HPCL’s Visakh Refinery has implemented a state-of-the-art Hi-Fidelity Emulated OTS system for 7 process units (CDU-I, FCCU-I, DHDS, DHDS-SRU, CDU-II, FCCU-II and CDU-III). The OTS models of these 7 process units are segregated in DCS-wise modules (Honeywell, Tokugawa and ABB). Each module consists of a dedicated set of hardware which represents its DCS.

The technology adopted for OTS with console emulation is the first of its kind in India with more than 98% accuracy that gives a real look & feel of the original DCS, the inherent advantages of such a system being the flexibility, efficiency, maintainability and cost effectiveness.

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