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HPCL launches High Octane rating Petrol, ‘poWer 99’ in Tamil Nadu

Mumbai 20.11.2020

HPCL launched 'poWer 99', a Premium petrol with an Octane rating of 99, in Tamil Nadu, to cater to the growing demand for premium fuel from the rising population of high-end cars and performance bikes in the State.

With an Octane rating of 99, poWer 99 is currently the highest Octane rated petrol available in India. Most high-end cars and bikes are designed to run on high octane rated petrol, which is good at preventing uncontrolled combustion in engines, thereby enhancing engine performance.

Sh. M. C. Sampath, Minister for Industries, Steel Control and Special Initiatives, Government of Tamil Nadu launched poWer 99 at the HPCL Petrol Pumps in the presence Senior Officials.

At present poWer 99 is available in 20 cities across India. Power 99 not only improves the engine performance but also fuel efficiency. It can withstand greater rise in temperature during the compression stroke of an internal combustion engine without auto-ignition. This makes it an ideal fuel choice for high-end cars from automakers like Porsche, Volvo, Lexus, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Ferrari and Super Bikes.

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