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Appointment of New Channel Partners for Non-Domestic LPG Marketing

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is a leading Oil Marketing Company dealing in marketing / refining of various petroleum products, including marketing of Commercial LPG and Propane Supplies in Bulk for various industries viz. Steel, Chemical, Textiles, Paint, Glass, Food, Ceramic, Extrusion etc. and ND Packed LPG to retail customers and commercial and industrial establishments.

HP GAS has been a pioneer in the oil industry in Non-Domestic LPG sales and with its "Ji-Haan" motto, serves lacs of Industrial and Commercial establishments across the country. For a decade, HP Gas has maintained its market leadership in Non-Domestic Bulk LPG trade, providing technical support and complete end to end FUEL solutions to its esteemed customers through its channel partners. HPCL has its modern, State/UT of the art, 48 electronic LPG Bottling Plants and 5000+ LPG Distributorships located pan India to take care of the customers’ requirements.

HPCL has planned to appoint the following channel of service providers as channel partners of HP Gas:

  • LPG System Solution Providers (SSP) - for marketing LPG ND Bulk, LPG ND Packed and Bulk Propane without godown facility.
    • SSP is policy for those service providers who are involved in construction / installation of LPG facilities at Commercial and Industrial establishments and for Bulk LPG transporters supplying fuel to Industrial segment, but are not interested in providing a godown infrastructure. Such service providers will also be allowed to market ND packed cylinders to these customers.
    • The SSP can carry out both ND Bulk and ND Packed Sales. In case of ND-Packed LPG, the SSP will be entitled for performance incentive on the sales done and additional incentive for sales through new conversion. For ND Bulk LPG / Bulk Propane sale also, the SSP will be entitled for the performance incentive on the sales achieved.
  • LPG Energy Solution Providers & Suppliers (ESPS) - for marketing of ND Packed LPG in all sizes, with godown facility, to commercial and industrial establishments.
    • The ESPS will be appointed for marketing of ND Packed LPG to commercial and Industrial establishment and shall market ND Packed LPG in all sizes including 5 kg FTL. ESPS will be required to make available an Office and LPG Godown as specified in the advertisement.
    • The ESPS will carry out commission based sales and will also be entitled for performance incentive on the sales achieved along with additional incentive on volume gained through new conversion. The supplies to the customers solicited by ESPS can be done both from the ESPS location as well as directly from the Corporation.
    • ESPS can also act as a System Solution Provider in any other part of the country. LPG Bulk transporters having their own LPG/Propane truck and who are in the business of transportation of Bulk LPG/Propane can also apply for SSP.

      These new channels will provide excellent growth opportunity to the service providers who are in the field of conversion as it will give them an additional business opportunity of marketing ND LPG to the customers and will also facilitate them in providing one stop solution to their customers.

      For further details or information regarding the appointment of the System Solution Providers(SSP) and Energy Solution Providers and Suppliers(ESPS), the interested parties are requested to approach or contact their nearest HPCL LPG Regional Offices. The details of the same are available on https://hpcl.businesstowork.com