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Safety at HPCL

Safety at HPCL

Safety is a core value in all our business operations. Our approach to safety is encapsulated in our Safety Policy, which states, ‘As an integral part of its business, HPCL believes that no work or service or activity is so important or urgent that safety be overlooked or compromised’. This serves as a beacon for us to ensure a safe workplace and a healthy environment in and around all our refineries, plants, facilities and other premises. Our efforts go well beyond our operational areas as we strive to instill a culture of safety in the daily lives of our employees, their families and the community.

Safety Policy

As an integral part of its business, HPCL believes that no work or service or activity is so important or urgent that safety be overlooked or compromised. Safety of the employees and public, protection of their as well as Corporation’s assets shall be paramount. The corporation considers that safety is one of the important tools to enhance productivity and reduce national losses. The Corporation will constantly endeavour to achieve and maintain high standards of safety in its operations.

Objectives of this policy are:

  • Design, create and maintain facilities, provide training, establish procedures/safety rules in all the fields and ensure that these are rigidly followed by the employees, the contractors and the visitors inside the premises.
  • Carry out operations in a safe manner protecting people and property.
  • Comply with the relevant statutory rules and devise appropriate standards in other cases wherever required.
  • Maintain highest standards of vigilance and preparedness to respond to emergencies, supplemented with mutual aid of neighbouring facilities and Government agencies.
  • Create awareness in employees, dealers, contractors, customers and the public on Safe Storage, Transportation, and Handling of products & materials associated with our activities.
  • Ensure awareness among all employees, contractors and others of their responsibility and accountability for safety on and off their work premises
  • Programme reviews and evaluation to measure the progress of compliance with the policy.

Safety Culture

Safety Management

With an aim to create an accident-free operation, safety culture is accorded priority and driven through a committed workforce. The focus is on the design and implementation of safety rules and procedures, conducting safe operations, ensuring statutory compliance, being vigilant and prepared for emergencies, awareness creation and progress review on policy compliance. Our top management keeps themselves abreast of the safe operations on an ongoing basis and closely monitors progress on HSE performance.

We have Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) departments at multiple levels, starting from the headquarters including Corporate and SBU level, Refineries, Zonal offices and at operating levels. They monitor and assess the safety mechanisms through regular audits, create awareness among stakeholders, and engage with regulatory bodies on relevant matters. HPCL facilities and infrastructure are built as per international and national standards as well as industry best practices.

Process Safety

Process Safety Management (PSM) is well integrated with the Company’s Safety and Environment policies and our work culture. We maintain sound operating systems, practices and procedures equipped with multi-layered protection barriers complying with the highest standards of preparedness to tackle emergencies.

Emergency Response and Crisis Management

The very nature of the products we handle makes safety the topmost priority for us. We have implemented safety and security systems at all our operational facilities to identify and manage hazards, risks and emergencies.

We provide our employees with regular training on operational safety, security, emergency preparedness and crisis management. We acquaint them with safe operating practices and protocols, thereby mitigating the risks during emergency and crisis. To enhance the confidence of local communities and neighbouring industries, we engage them in our offsite and onsite mock drills.

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