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Systemic Improvements by Direct Sales SBU

As of March 2021 end, 313 Government Departments are using our Invoice Verification Portal. Not only the PWDs but also the other State Government Departments like Agriculture Marketing Boards of the State Governments have also shown interest and we have started registering them also on the portal. Up to March 2021, we have registered 68 Divisions of various government departments of Maharashtra, Gujarat (Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation), Bihar and Jharkhand on the portal.

DigiFAM, a digital asset management platform has been developed by Direct Sales SBU for better management of assets (tanks, pumps etc.) including Railway Consumer Depots towards supply of petrol and diesel. The platform has been rolled out at consumer locations under all sales areas of Pune DS RO. DigiFAM Tags have been placed at 40 sites on 300 Assets. In the next phase of the project, access will be provided to customers to view the details of the assets provided by HPCL to keep the same in safe custody.

Customer Portal has been developed for accessing product, invoices, values, payments etc. towards procurement of various petroleum products by them. This will ensure better monitoring of sales and collections.