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EV Charging

Electric vehicles and related ecosystem is being promoted aggressively by Government and various policies are being put in place to encourage entities to set up the infrastructure. Retail outlets are the natural choice to be part of this ecosystem and in order to be part of this business model, HPCL has been exploring a possible tie-up with various e-mobility companies. We have taken a lead in this field by setting up 41 EV Charging stations at our retail outlets across the country during the last two years.

Under FAME I, there are 41 EV Charging stations already installed at HPCL Retail outlets in tie-up with major PSU organisations like REIL, BHEL, NTPC, EESL etc. Work is in progress at 76 more retail outlets across the country. Under FAME I, Commissioned Slow Charging (AC type – 10 KW) and/or Semi-Fast Charging (DC001 type – 15 kW) facilities.

Under FAME II, 87 Retail outlet sites offered across the country to EV Charging providers like REIL & EESL, who are in process of taking DHI approvals for the installation of Fast Combo chargers and Semi-fast /Slow chargers. A combination of Semi – Fast Chargers (15 KW DC001) and Fast Combo chargers of capacity 122kW would be put up at selected outlets in Major Cities and highways. HPCL is targeting cities with a 4 million-plus population and connecting highways and major national highways. Also targeting state capitals and states with declared EV Policies.

HPCL is also in process of putting up Street Lamp Integrated EV Charger “ChargeGrid Flare” at its selected outlets on a Pilot basis. This new range of EV charging points, the first in India, are incorporated within energy-efficient street lamp columns, that shall encourage EV adoption through flexible and low cost charging solutions. “ChargeGrid Flare” has been specially designed by Magenta Power, a startup supported by HPCL, to offer energy-efficient street light combined with an EV charging point. It is one of a kind product that offers integrated EV charging facilities from within a durable, traditional-looking, street light. This unique technology shall enable the city to deploy curbside vehicle charging more quickly, with lower cost, and less street clutter than other approaches.

HPCL is also in discussion with major OEM for the installation of Battery swapping infrastructure at Retail outlets.