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HP Gas Appu is a small, handy and easy to use 5kg LPG cylinder, which can be used for cooking, heating and several other applications at your home, hotels, hospitals, shops etc. It is a safe and environment-friendly medium, which is available to the public instantly without requiring any documentation like address proof etc. With the provision to refill instantly, it can be purchased without any hassles. When not required, there is a buyback provision also which further adds to the ease and portability.

Ideal for college students and working individuals living away from their families. HP Gas Appu can be a part of their home set-up, away from home. Travellers, hikers, backpackers or a group of friends camping, can easily carry the HP Gas Appu along to prepare a meal on the go. Migrating labourers without requiring necessary documentation to get a regular gas connection can easily purchase HP Gas Appu for their daily use.

Purchase of HP Gas Appu:

  • HP Gas Appu is readily available to customers at HP Gas Distributorships, select HP Retail Outlets, select Kirana stores, Utensil Shops and several other Point of Sales (POS).
  • The first purchase requires the customer to buy the cylinder and the gas-regulator. At the time of subsequent refill, only the Gas cost has to be paid.

For booking an HP Gas Appu and/or any further enquiry, please contact your nearest HP Gas Distributor.


Since LPG is almost twice the weight of the air it tends to settle down at floor level, particularly in depressions. Hence, care has to be taken in placing the gas installations in the house. Also, the fact that 1 cc. of liquid LPG multiplies into about 250 cc. of gaseous LPG helps it spread very rapidly in the atmosphere. Hence, if a gas cylinder leaks, it should be immediately removed to an open area.