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Highway Outlets


HPCL has developed more than 120 nos. Focus Outlets on major national highways comprising of Golden Quadrilateral, North-South / East-West Corridors and other important highways. These outlets aspire to become the destination outlets for long-distance truckers who nowadays prefer to halt at retail outlets, which not only gives them Q&Q assured fuel but also provide food, shelter, recreation and secured parking.

These outlets are ‘Club HP’ outlets offering much more than Q&Q, the primary need of customers. Each outlet is continuously striving to improve service standards to provide the customers with an excellent fueling experience. As per the space available, the following services/ facilities are provided.

  • Dealer along with various channel partners provide enabling business propositions in financing fueling options to fleet owners and even single truck owners.
  • Drive Track Plus (DTP) program to reward fueling.
  • All payment options like Debit/ credit cards and HP Pay are accepted.
  • 24 X 7 operations aided by sufficient staff
  • Secured parking to assist a halt from arduous journey.
  • Driver Amenities like tea/snack counter, dhaba, dormitory and bathing facilities
  • Ingress/ egress well maintained to ensure ease of maneuvering of large/ multi-axle trucks and Island layout to facilitate the ease of fueling at the outlet.
  • Automation and NANO operations combined with enabling digital payment solutions
  • Modernized outlet with Canopy and RVI
  • Separate toilet facilities for ladies & gents
  • Assistance in arranging Emergency road services such as crane/ambulance
  • EV charging facility