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HP Anytime

HP Anytime, a 24x7 IVRS based refill booking system, is a customer-centric initiative launched by HPCL in the interest of all HPGAS customers. Through this system, a HPGAS customer can call a Single Number across the State/UT to book refills. The Customer would instantly get a real time booking number from IVRS. This system replaces the current practice of manual booking by the showroom staff.

All the refill bookings made through HP Anytime are captured in a central server and the data is then transferred to the PC’s of respective HPGAS distributors automatically. For those customers who prefer to book personally at the HPGAS distributorship, fixed phones are provided at all Agencies to connect with IVRS.

HP Anytime enables HPGAS customers to book refills and obtain confirmation round-the-clock seamlessly without any difficulty such as engaged telephones, restricted working hours, manual errors, etc. The IVRS numbers are as follows:

State wise IVRS numbers

State Name IVRS NUMBER Alternative Number 
Andhra Pradesh 9666023456 9493723456
Arunachal Pradesh 9493723456
Assam 9085023456 9401523456
Bihar 9470723456 9470723456
Chhattisgarh 9406223456
Goa 8888823456 9420423456
Haryana 9812923456 9468023456
Himachal Pradesh 9882023456 9418423456
Jharkhand 8987523456
Karnataka 9964023456 9483823456
Kerala 9961023456 9400223456
Madhya Pradesh 9669023456 9407423456
Maharashtra 8888823456 9420423456
Manipur 9493723456
Meghalaya 9085023456 9401523456
Mizoram 9493723456
Nagaland 9085023456 9401523456
Odisha 9090923456 9437323456
Punjab 9855623456 9417323456
Rajasthan 7891023456 9462323456
Sikkim 9085023456 9401523456
Tamil Nadu 9092223456 9889623456
Telangana 9666023456 9493723456
Tripura 9493723456
Uttar Pradesh 9889623456 7839023456
Uttarakhand 8191923456 9412623456
West Bengal 9088823456 9477723456
Union territory
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 9493723456
Chandigarh 9855623456 9417323456
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu 9824423456 9409023456
Delhi 9990923456
Jammu and Kashmir 9086023456 9469623456
Ladakh 9086023456 9469623456
Lakshadweep 9493723456
Puducherry 9092223456 9445823456

The customers can register their landline / mobile numbers as personal numbers on IVRS to facilitate auto-identification of the customer when he/she calls up next time. HP Anytime also sends 3 SMS alerts to customers on the status of refill supplies:

  • Refill booking number and date of pending orders
  • Cash memo number & date
  • Delivery confirmation of refills

It is proposed to extend HP Anytime to cover all HPGAS customers in other States / UT / Cities in phases.