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Mineral Turpentine Oil

MTO - Mineral Turpentine Oil

HP Solvent 2445 is the brand name of Mineral Turpentine Oil marketed by HPCL in bulk. We also market it in 210 Litre barrels, under the brand name “HP SHINE” from our terminal in Bengaluru. HPCL has manufacturing units spread across the country from Visak on East Coast to Mumbai on the West coast and Bathinda on the Northern border. We have more than 50% market share of the MTO market in the country, commensurate with our all India spread. MTO is used predominantly in the Paint industry. HPCL markets MTO produced by ONGC, Tatipaka.

HPCL is also marketing MTO through aggregators to extend our reach and penetrate into the MSME & unorganized markets.

HPCL MTO 2445 is a colourless petroleum Naphtha mainly comprising of aliphatic hydrocarbons. It is chemically stable, noncorrosive, with medium evaporating qualities. On evaporation, it does not leave behind any nonvolatile residue.

It is sweet-smelling and has a low aromatic content.


  • Finds main use for paint industry as a raw material
  • Solvent for textile printing with pigment colours
  • Dry cleaning Solvent
  • MTO / carrier for oil-soluble waxes and resins in polish manufacture
  • Thinner for oil-soluble rust preventives
  • Solvent for metal and machine degreasing/Industrial cleaning
  • Carrier for rust-proofing compounds
  • Solvent for wax, rubber and resins in the manufacture of electrical insulating compounds
  • Solvent for insecticidal formulations
  • Diluents for many types of waterproofing, mothproofing, binding and sealing compounds.

Handling Precautions

HPCL MTO 2445 is a combustible liquid. Heating by direct flame should be avoided. Although it has a low order of toxicity, prolonged skin contact or excessive inhalation of vapours should be avoided. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Keep away from heat, flame and oxidizing agents

Personal Protective Measures

Avoid exposure/contact to vapours/with liquid

Proved safety goggles/face shield, rubber gloves, organic vapour canister or air supplied mask.

Emergency and First Aid Measures Fire

Extinguishing Media – Foam/DCP/CO2

Special Procedures: Keep the containers cool by spraying water if exposed to heat or flame.


Steps to be taken as below

Disposal Method: Seal all waste in vapour tight plastic bags for eventual disposal

Suggestions on Conservations

India is spending approx. Rs.12000 Crores foreign exchange per annum on import of petroleum products. Therefore it becomes imperative to reduce the loss, not only in the national interest but also for improved profitability of the unit.

Some common sources of MTO 2445 loss and their reduction are given below :


  • Provide PV vents on storage tanks
  • Install vapour return lines for tank lorry decantation
  • Install a captive power plant if there are frequent power failure