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How "poWer" works:

When one buys a new vehicle, its fuel-port injectors, intake valves, as well as the combustion chamber are completely free of deposits. Over a period of time deposits begin to accumulate on these engine parts, thus affecting the vehicle performance. Let us look at the various types of deposits that can affect the smooth functioning of a vehicle.

  • Port Fuel Injectors Deposits: Port Fuel Injectors Deposits on port fuel injectors are bad news, due to which the car ends up with poor ignition, rough idling, reduced acceleration and higher emissions.

  • Intake Valve Port Deposits: If one uses a fuel without additives, hard and porous deposits on Intake Valves & Ports will soak up parts of fuel like a sponge. This leads to the improper fuel-air mixture, which affects vehicle performance as well as the CO-content of the exhaust gases. In extreme cases, deposits on the valve seat can prevent the valve from closing properly, which will damage the engine severely. The deposits on intake valves restrict airflow and hence, adversely affect fuel economy, poWer output and driving comfort.

  • Combustion Chamber Deposits: Combustion Chamber deposits in the combustion chamber lead to rising pollution levels, octane requirement increase (ORI) and higher lubricant consumption. In fact, combustion chamber deposits are the reason for a 'knocking sound’, as well as reduced poWer and slower acceleration. Very advanced engines have 'anti-knock sensor' which can easily adjust compression ratios. Unfortunately, most new-generation vehicles in India don't have such features. However, with the introduction of additive fuels, this disadvantage can be eliminated.

The "poWer" packed performance

Blended with special additives, "poWer" not only removes existing deposits but also prevents the formation of new ones. This ensures that the vehicle's engine remains free from deposits at all times resulting in continuous peak engine performance. However, it could take one or two tank-fills of "poWer" before one notices the benefits. It will take a little while before the existing deposits are cleaned and completely removed. Consistent use of "poWer" will result in improved performance from your vehicle. "poWer" ensures that the engine works like new over its entire lifetime. “poWer” not only works for Port fuel injector engines but also works equally efficiently for GDI engines.

  • Removes deposit of intake valves and fuel injectors
  • Control octane requirement increase (ORI)
  • Ensures optimum combustion of fuel in the engine, thereby Enhances fuel economy
  • Improves your driving comfort
  • Gives you more poWer and acceleration
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Prevents sticking of intake valves
  • Reduces engine knocking
Certified By Experts

Additive used in poWer, marketed by HPCL, has been tested in various international and national laboratories.



Over time, deposits tend to form in your engine parts. These deposits affect the functioning of the engine and therefore cause a drop in its performance. poWer contains additives that not only remove existing deposits but also prevent the formation of new ones. This ensures that the vehicle's engine remains free from deposits at all times resulting in continuous peak engine performance.