About Bitumen

Construction of a Bituminous Road Bitumenis the heaviest material obtained from the fractional distillation process of crude oil. It is Black or Brown in colour and possess water proofing &adhesive properties. This material is further treated and blended to make different grades of paving grade bitumen. ie Bitumen VG-10, VG-30 and VG-40 and meets IS 73-2006 specification.

HPCL's Strengths in Bitumen

Manufacture:Manufactured at its Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam refineries which can produce and market of three grades of Bitumen namely: VG10 (80/100), VG30 (60/70) and VG40 (30/40). The grade 30/40 is exclusively produced by HPCL only. Its major application is in the airport runway constructions. HPCL also provides various types of Bitumen:

  • Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB)
  • Natural Rubber Modified Bitumen (NRMB)
  • Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) etc.
  • Bitumen Emulsion is manufactured by HINCOL, a Joint Venture of HPCL with COLAS SA

For more information, view the HP Bitumen Handbook(1.25 MB)PDF File Opens in a new window.

Quality Control: A Rigorous Quality Control Mechanism whereby Bitumen is tested as per BIS requirements, and Test reports provided to the customers.

Marketing: A Nationwide network of marketing offices and supply locations thus ensuring efficient distribution of the product at locations closer to the customer. Bitumen is supplied in Bulk and Packed forms.

  • BULK BITUMEN: Supplied from Mumbai Refinery, Visakh Refinery, Haldia, Savli (near Vadodara), Hazira (near Surat), Chennai, Jhansi, Mangalore and Bahadurgarh
  • PACKED BITUMEN: Supplied from HPCL depot spread across the country. The Various locations where packed Bitumen is available is marked on the bitumen location map(212 KB)PDF File Opens in a new window for easy viewing.

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