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Feedback on Sustainability Report Sustainability Report
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HP Cards: DriveTrack Plus cards, HPCL-ICICI Bank Co-branded Credit/Debit Cards, American Express Cards & Payback CardsHP Cards / Drivetrack Plus
Fuels for Industrial use like HSD, MS, LDO, LSHS, etc., Marine Fuels/lubes, and products like Bitumen, Hexane, Naptha, Pet. Coke, Sulphur, Finit, other Special Industrial use products etc. <a href="CustomerEnrollmentForm"><strong>Open Enrolment form</strong></a> Bulk Fuels / Furnace Oil / Speciality Products
Sourcing of Finished petroleum products from HPCL (Export by HPCL) International Trade
Crude Oil and Shipping Crude and Shipping
Mumbai and Visakh Refineries Refineries
Refuelling of Planes, ATF- Jet A1 Aviation / Jet A1
Exploration and Production of Crude Oil, Prize Petroleum Exploration and Production
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